Can You Layer Air Filters? A Comprehensive Guide

In some cases, the air controller's intake grilles or ventilation grilles have a filter depth greater than one inch.

Because 1-inch air filters are the most common

, some homeowners may think it's OK to place 1-inch air filters to fit in a 2-, 3-, or 4-inch air filter slot. It is not recommended to do this. Washable filters are composed of multiple layers of ventilated metal.

As air molecules pass through the first layer, they are positively charged by the friction of air on the metal. Dust and other contaminants then adhere to the other layers as they pass through the filter into the system. Reusable air filters are a simple and affordable tool for protecting the HVAC system. When you have cleanable filters installed, the efficiency of the HVAC filter increases after washing them.

Air filters will require maintenance and, if you are not going to replace the filter, you will have to wash it constantly. When air filters aren't kept clean, the load affects both the home's indoor air quality and the budget. Your system will work better with more airflow and the filter won't clog as easily. In addition, you only need to change your media filters every 6 to 12 months.

What Type of Air Filters Should You Buy?

When deciding what type of air filters to buy, there are several options to choose from. Yes, it works to a certain extent, but not as well as many think and not as well as air filters designed for that purpose. Only an activated carbon filter can trap and neutralize odors and gases in the air in your home. From sizes to types, qualities and more, here's everything you need to know about air filters.

How Does an Air Filter Affect Your Home?

Once enough air is restricted, almost completely, the engine can overheat, as it depends on the air flow around the engine to keep it cool.

Fresh air is healthy for your lungs and helps your home feel comfortable and safe, especially when the air is clean. In addition, the purpose of the air filter is to keep the unit clean, not to make the air clean for breathing. Finally, placing some filters in an air filter is unlikely to be significantly noticeable during electrical use or the strain on the engine, but it has a mathematical impact (it's not free).

What Are The Benefits Of Using Washable Air Filters?

They require professional installation because the air handler usually needs to modify the duct to fit it (they are between 6 and 7 wide and do not fit in a standard filter compartment). If you leave the recirculation fan in AUTOMATIC mode, the HVAC system only works when the thermostat setting requires heating or air conditioning.

Washable air filters provide your home with an easy and cost-effective way to keep your ventilation systems contaminant-free. This action helps filter contaminants and clean the air before it is recirculated back to your home.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Higher MERV Index Air Filters?

So not only will you clean the air better, but you'll also get much more airflow than the standard one-inch. The higher the MERV Index of the air filter, the smaller the particles it can capture, but the greater the effect it will have on air flow. If you're concerned about allergies, mold, and indoor air quality, ask your HVAC technician for other options, such as UV lights, media filters, and whole-house air purification systems.